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Welcome to Magneto Logiloop Private Limited

Magneto Logiloop made its anchoring in Chennai. The ongoing challenges of the supply chain industry instigate us to innovate and exploration for new ideas that defy limits and prolong further than brokerage.We focus on possibilities, not confines. By being able to think then again and creatively, we attain our goals.


Our company deals in End-End Tailored Logistics Solutions.


This facilitates our esteemed clients to put their trust.

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Safety and Reliability

Reliability requirements are concerned with making a system failure-free.

Shipping Worldwide

Transportation networks have a crucial role in today's economy, precisely, maritime traffic.



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    Operations Excellence

    Business Excellence

    90.00 % of less manual follow up

    100+ of Cargo items handled

    95.00 % of Overall Process Performance

    300+ of Six different SKU’s handling at Warehouse division

    97.00 % of RFQ reverted on the same day

    500 + CBM of LCL cargo transported on time

    98.00 % of Customer Experience TAT

    1000 + Metric Tons of cargoes handled so far

    99.00 % of Service contract rates

    5000 + Square meters of Warehouse space

    100.00 % of Accuracy in cargo/shipment handling

    0 % of Shipping Lines / Customs fines and penalties so far


    Industries we are serving

    1. Automotive / Machinery
    2. Dangerous Goods (UN Class 1 – UN Class 9)
    3. Fairs & Exhibitions
    4. Food & Beverages
    5. Gallery (Art & Museum)
    6. Life care
    7. Minerals
    8. Textiles

    Our Global Trade Shipping Routes

    1. Inter Asia
    2. Indo China
    3. China
    4. Far East
    5. GCC
    6. Europe
    7. Oceania
    8. USA